About Us

All You Can Eat Gardens is a landscape design and gardening service with a difference. We specialise in food! Based in Brisbane, we can take your individual needs and desires to develop an abundant, diverse and easy to maintain food garden right on your doorstep. We can install raised beds full of herbs, fruit and vegetables, establish food forests, house chickens and build productive ponds and aquaponics systems. We'll help you to understand your garden, and if you need help maintaining it we can assist with that too.

Business history

All You Can Eat Gardens was conceived in late 2009 by a small group of permaculture students at Northey Street City Farm, keen to design, build and maintain productive urban and suburban gardens in Brisbane. Tim Auld and Andy followed through in early 2010 where the business was formed as a partnership and given its current name. Andy later moved to Northern NSW in 2011 and the business was run by Tim as a sole trader with the help of local permaculturists, including Tim Davies and Anna Rose. In 2018 the business name was transferred to Tim Davies.

Our philosophy

Our name says it all. There are three interpretations of ‘All You Can Eat’:

‘All You Can EatAbundance – It’s possible to create highly productive gardens in small spaces! While your personal situation may influence how far you can go, if the majority of people grow their own food and share the surplus we will have healthy, low-cost food available indefinitely, without having to go to the supermarket!

All You Can Eat’ Diversity – Variety is the spice of life… and health! Our designs include plants and animals that you may not have considered, some with productivity far higher than those traditionally grown in Australian back yards. Challenge your tastebuds and broaden your culinary creations with some unusual fruit trees, herbs and vegetables. Treat common ailments and improve your memory with easy to grow herbs! Rich gardens with many different interacting species are productive and resilient to weather and pest attack.

‘All You Can Eat’ Equality – Everyone deserves access to delicious and nutritious food and we aim to provide low cost options for families with limited means. With good food children's learning and development is optimised and our bodies develop to their potential. Healthy food is the best insurance policy and promotes productive lives. As everyone shares their surplus and takes care of those in need we create an equitable society.

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About Tim Davies

Creating synergistic natural systems that provide food and enjoyment has been a long-term interest of Tim’s. He has been engaged with Permaculture through woofing, teaching, and designing since undertaking his PDC in 2008 with Robin Francis at the Permaculture College of Australia. His studies as an Environmental Engineer reinforced and developed his understanding of natural systems and design.

Tim also currently works in the Water Management Industry as an Environmental Engineer, and wishes to merge the two fields to form a holistic and practical understanding of implementing integrated landscapes with food, water and habitat.

I look forward to working with you to create healthy, enjoyable and productive gardens.