Raised Beds

Our raised beds are a great way to make a feature of your vegetable garden. Save yourself bending, squatting and kneeling by bringing the plants closer to you and out of the poor quality soil. In areas of poor drainage the beds can improve plant health through reduction of water logging. These beds provide some protection against pets and weeds. They can be fitted with netting to exclude pests.

We use attractive, long lasting and locally grown cypress pine. Our beds will last well into the future. Irrigation systems can be provided to suit your situation.

We can custom design raised beds using a range of materials if you have specific requirements.

  • Standard size cypress pine raised bed (2.4m long x 1.2m wide x 0.4m high): $700* (pictured below)

*All prices include delivery, placement consultion, assembly, quality soil, compost and sugarcane mulch. Significant travel and difficult sites may attract additional fees. For comprehensive projects a garden concept is recommended first. Ask us for a quote.