Top Bar Bee Hives

How would you like fresh honey from your own backyard? Enough to satisfy all of your needs and some to give away? Our attractive hand made top bar hives are a natural way of housing bees, leading to a strong colony. Foundations are unnecessary and heavy lifting is avoided. The bees will also provide a pollination service on your property and in your neighbourhood.

The honey produced from your own hive can't be compared with store bought honey. It's not heated or blended with cheap imported honey. It's full of enzymes and minerals and has its own unique flavour!

You can also make your own bees wax candles! They do not produce toxic fumes, unlike paraffin wax candles, a byproduct of the oil industry. Cloth wraps for keeping food, timber polish and hand creams are among other uses of the bees wax.


  • Take a small amount of honey and wax at a time to supply your household needs
  • Observation window so adults and children alike can see what the busy little creatures are up to without smoking them! (optional)
  • The roof has hinges and it can be propped open or taken off if necessary
  • Insulated roof keeps the bees active in winter, and is removable for summer
  • It's easy to split your hive to populate new ones!
  • Good ventilation
  • No heavy lifting
  • Produce 50-120Kg of honey and 2-4Kg of bees wax per year*!
  • Suitable for children, elderly and people in wheelchairs

You can expect to spend an average of 3 hours managing a hive each month, mostly in the warm months. All You Can Eat Gardens can coach you on caring for your bees and extracting the honey. Be sure to order now to secure your hive for spring/summer.

Product Additional Information Price
Basic top bar bee hive** 1.2m long, 2 followers, 30 bars, skillion (flat) roof, entrance excluder $690
+ Observation window Full length perspex window with shutter $50
+ Gabled roof Attractive pitched roof $70
Bee colony with laying queen Raised by the colony and mated with local drones $150
Detachable inspection rack Aids inspection of full hives (recommended) $35
Bar stand Free both hands while inspecting combs $30
Beekeeping coaching With your hive or ours (plus $30/hr of travel from Stockleigh) $50/hr

Delivery and installation charges apply according to location - contact us for a quote. Long distance freight is not cost effective. If you live greater than 2 hours from Brisbane we recommend finding a local supplier or building your own.

A permit is needed from the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries to keep bees at a cost of $13.80 per year Inc. GST. See Guidelines for keeping bees in Queensland. Your brand can be painted onto the hive before delivery.

The hive body is made of radiata pine, the legs are made of cypress pine and the exterior and legs are treated with pale boiled linseed oil and beeswax to extend the life of the hive. The floor is made of aluminium fly screen.

* Depends on climate and management.

** Product may differ slightly from photos below.

All You Can Eat Gardens Top bar bee hive

Top bar hive with gabled roof. Both roof styles are hinged making it easy to start work. The legs can be removed for long distance transport, if necessary.


The hive comes with a detachable entrance excluder for easy moving.


An optional full length observation window allows you to inspect activity without opening the hive.


Watch new bees emerge from their cocoons! Inspection for pests and diseases is easy.


A worker bee on honeycomb. The bees build their own beautiful comb without wax foundation!


The detachable rack fits on the end of the hive, giving you more space to work when inspecting. With two racks a beekeeper can work at each end of the hive.


With practice robbing the top bar hive is quick and easy, requiring minimal equipment.