A productive and enchanting palm garden

Anomi, Graceville

I contacted Tim from All You Can Eat when I was looking to make improvements to my garden. Initially I was looking to have flowering plants to beautify my garden. I had not given a thought to having a vegetable/ fruit garden. I was very impressed with Tim's knowledge of plants, and how he quickly understood my needs (as I had very particular needs). He discussed with me how edible plants can add beauty and value to my garden, value in terms of producing things I can actually eat, and which are organic. Tim has done his magic with our raised vegetable gardens and the various herbal and edible plants he planted throughout the garden. In the last few months we have enjoyed eggplants, cucumber, corn, capsicum, chillies, lettuce, etc along with some known, as well as unusual, herbs. We now have a large water tank that provides adequate water for our garden. Best features of our garden are the small pond, the many flowering plants and the edible plants. Tim has created a wonderful living habitat in our backyard. I would recommend Tim to anyone who is looking for a creative 'partner' in gardening.

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